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A special thank you to our Water Survival Box supporters in the UK, Switzerland and Denmark for enabling us to play a part in the aid relief campaign only made possible by working together in partnership with relief organizations like the International Medical Corps.


Procured and delivered over 83 metric tons of essential medicines and 64 tons of medical supplies ;
Delivered 9 metric tons of food, potable water, and critical supplies including cholera, hygiene and dignity kits ;
Facilitated 286,376 primary care, emergency and surgical consultations ;
Provided 11,837 nutrition interventions to women, caregivers and children through our mobile medical units;
Conducted 1,818 mental health and 14,254 psychological first-aid consultations ;
Offered support to 6,682 women, girls and children through our gender-based violence and child protection services;
Reached 13,716 people through educational and awareness-raising sessions on various health-related topics; and so much more.

As you read through these statistics, remember that every single number represents a life uplifted, a person whose situation has been improved thanks to the support you have given. Thank you

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Syria - Thursday 2nd. November 2023
The latest consignment of Water Survival Boxes to support victims of the Turkey/Syria earthquake earlier this year have been distributed by our partners Hand in Hand for Aid and Development.  

UKRAINE - Friday 15th of September 2023 - 

A new consignment of Grifaid Family Water Filters starts its journey to Borys Bodnar in Lviv Ukraine. The two pallets of Grifaid GFF5 filters (total of 360 filters) for families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine and/or without access to safe drinking water will travel over land and arrive within a week of departure. Please follow this page for news of their arrival. Once again, thank you for your continued support which makes our support possible.

MOROCCO - Wednesday 27th. September 20233   
The first Water Survival Boxes are downloaded in Morocco.  Many thanks to our partners who have made this initial shipment possible. Follow this “Storyline” post for news regarding the further shipments planed to bring much needed aid to the people of Morocco effected by this horrific disaster

SUDAN - Friday 1st of September 2023 -   
We have just heard from the International Medical Corp.who are organising the transportation of the 200 Water Survival Boxes on route to Sudan. The aid boxes have now arrived in Jordan but are encountering some slight delays. The IMC in-country team are working through the complexities and should have the shipment on its way to Port Sudan shortly.  As soon as the boxes arrive and are distributed we will post the news on this page. Thank you for your support.


27th. September 2023

15th. September 2023

1st September 2023 

Water Survival Boxes arrive in Morocco

he first Water Survival Boxes are downloaded in Morocco. Many thanks to our partners who have made this initial shipment possible.

A consignment of Grifaid Family Water Filters starts its journey to Ukraine.

 Water Survival Box initiate the process of transporting three pallets (a total of 540 filters) of Grifaid Family Water Filters to Ukraine.

200 Water Survival Boxes loaded .
Destination Sudan.

To help bring relief to the people of Sudan who’s country is suffering from a mixture of national disasters and internal conflict, 200 Water Survival Boxes leave our warehouse in England.

11th October 2023

28th February  2023

26th September 2022
Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal

The 200 Water Survival Boxes that left our warehouse on the 5th of October start their journey by sea to Syria.


200 Water Survival Boxes for Somalia
This consignment is in response to a request from International Medical Corps following floods and drought in the same region. There has been much devastation from the flooding and a cholera outbreak as well.

300 Water Survival Boxes leave our warehouse in England destination Pakistan.  Thank you for your support which has enabled us to make this possible. 


6th September 2022

July 2022

A new consignment of 200 Water Survival Boxes destination Ukraine Tuesday 21st June 2022

A new consignment of 200 Water Survival Boxes leave our warehouse on their journey to Kiev, Ukraine. This shipment is intended for the besieged families in the Odesa area.

A New Water Survival Box Aid shipment, - destination
South Africa. Tuesday 14th June 2022

400 standard Water Survival Boxes leave the warehouse on route to South Africa . Aid badly needed to address the severe flooding and landslides caused by heavy rainfall.


A New Water Survival Box Aid shipment of 360 boxes make final preparations for
 HAITI - September 2021

Our greatest challenge providing aid to Haiti has been finding a way to transport aid at an acceptable price. With airfreight prices for the transportation of 360 boxes, being prohibitively high, air transport was ruled out

A New Water Survival Box Aid shipment, - destination Philippines. Friday April 22nd.  

July 2022
  The long awaited shipment of 200 Water Survival Boxes destined for Manila to aid those effected by the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, Now Distributed.

A New Water Survival Box Aid shipment of 200 boxes heads for YEMEN - July 2021

13th. January  2022

A new consignment of 200 boxes start their journey from Water Survival Box’s depot in Radstock, UK. by road to Southhampton.This new transportation of aid to Yemen is organised through IMC (International Medical Corps – Yemen)

Water Survival Box Aid shipment of 200 boxes heads for YEMEN - April 2021

   6th October  2021
To maximise its effectiveness Water Survival Box aid is airlifted to its destination. Due to Covid-19 and the restrictions placed upon the international transporting of freight, once again we have teamed up with Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire.


Aid to

Water Survival Box aid  sent to the:  PHILIPPINES

Just days after the onslaught of Typhoon Rolly, Typhoon Ulysses roughly crossed the same track and made landfall. Rolly and Ulysses both left trails of destruction and affected millions of people in eight regions

Water Survival Box aid sent to:  YEMEN

   100 Standard boxes left our depot, on route for Yorkshire on  the 15th of August 2020.
On arrival they were loaded into a container for dispatch by sea to the Yemen.


Water Survival Box Aid sent to:
SYRIA - April 2021
  11th September 2021

The first 100 of 200 boxes leave the depot on Friday the 16th of April. Destination Syria.

water survival box packing

Chgarity Gift

What are we?

A rapid response for families who have no access to safe drinking water and have also lost their homes and possessions.

Your Message in a Box

Based on the concept of placing a message in a bottle for some one to find, We offer you the option when donating towards items being placed in our boxes to send a personal message to the family opening the box..


Total number of Water Boxes and Water Survival Boxes dispatched to date  23,066.
Plus 1,840  family water filters, 3,000 School in a Bag,  9,216 tubes of toothpaste, 18,524 toothbrushes and  1.170 Solar Lamps . 
86 Disasters in 43 different countries.



Lost & Found in Uganda

Aid to

On rare occasions circumstances change and boxes destined to help people become lost in the often chaotic situations into which they are sent. Such was the case of the 100 boxes sent to aid victims of landslides on the slopes of Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda in August 2019.  

Good Intentions!

Aid to
                  disaster area

In English there is a saying called “Murphy’s Law”  Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". And this was certainly the case when with good intention we together, with our chosen partner for this assignment, International Medical Corps, we arranged to sent 200 Water Survival Box's  to the Philippines.


Water Survival Box in 

We are delighted to welcome our Danish friends and look forward to working with you.

Water Survival Box in Switzerland

We now have a sister charity based in Switzerland


Rotary in Action.

Members of the Bradford on Avon Rotary Club gave their time to pack 80 Water Survival Boxes..

Rotary humanitarian project

Welcome to theWater survival

We now have a sister charity based in Switzerland  Click on the logo for more information


We are delighted to welcome our Danish friends,Click on their logo for the Danish Water Survival Box project