Rotarian's Hugo Pike OBE, Erik Tornoe, PDG Peter Eigenbroth, PDG Tony Quinn, and PDG Jan Brinck.

Our 7th consignment of humanitarian aid for families without access to safe drinking water in Ukraine was possible thanks to Rotary in Denmark and the Safe Water Trust.
It comprised 400 Grifaid Family Water Filters – each capable of providing 100 litres of safe drinking water per day for a family of five for 5 years. The bulk of the cost was raised by Rotary in Denmark and supplemented by a generous donation in kind from the Safe Water Trust.
We were delighted to welcome a small Rotary delegation from Jutland in Denmark who flew across to play a key role in the packing session as the 400 filters and water carriers were packed into 80 boxes. Each box also included the operating instructions in English and the Ukrainian language.
The Danish link began in 2012 at a Rotary Institute meeting in Sweden when Jan Brinck and his wife first became aware of our Water Survival Box Rotary project. This led to an invitation to give a presentation at Peter Eigenbroth’s Rotary District Conference in Aalborg in 2015 where he was ably supported by Erik Tornoe. Their donation of £15,000 covered the cost of 100 standard Water Survival Boxes which were sent to Tamil Nadu in India following extensive floods.
In 2019 a Rotary support group – Water Survival Box-Denmark – was established by Peter, Jan and Erik to increase awareness of our Rotary charity and to raise funds to provide more help to families affected by natural or manmade disaster.
This latest consignment will go overland to Lviv in Ukraine where arrangements for distribution to families or small communities most in need will again be organised by Borys Bodnar of the Ukraine Unity Rotary Club.

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